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Work Areas

Work Areas

Scholarly Activities

  1. Sociological Research.  Conducting sociological research projects both independently and in cooperation with other research centers, with a focus on understanding:

    • The processes of marketization and democratization and their specific manifestations in divergent social contexts;
    • The forms and dynamics of social discontinuities and inequalities, and different conceptions of social justice and human rights in distinct social contexts;
    • The complex dimensions of aging for individuals and societies at large, the response strategies within family, local, and national communities, and intergenerational cohesion;
    • Identity and gender relations 
  2. Academic Exchanges in Production and Consumption of Knowledge.  Participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops, and collaborating with different academic organizations, to gain a deeper understanding of, and a comparative lens on, specific social issues. Promoting equal opportunities for young social scientists --and helping them overcome various barriers to ensure the full participation within their regional and global professional communities.
  3. Education.  Engaging in the debate on distinct philosophies and approaches in the West and East to provide the new generation of social scientists an education that is relevant to their ever-changing global and local social and natural environments and that motivates them to become qualified professionals who are active and innovative stakeholders—social entrepreneurs—in their state and social broader context.

  Organic Community/Public Engagement

Informed by its scholarly research activities, the HIPS works towards advancing the processes of democratization within the recently established parliamentary democracies of Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. Specifically, the HIPS seeks to advance democratization in Poland on a local level  rather than on the national level and strives to foster the active engagement (awareness and participation) of ordinary citizens in innovative nongovernmental solutions to social issues on the community level.  The foundation strives to be an incubator for autonomous socially conscious and responsible local citizens.  To facilitate participatory democracy building, the HIPS promotes within local communities:

  • Voluntarism;
  • Membership in specific nongovernmental organizations; and
  • Cooperation with local governments in specific local governmental initiatives and programs geared to the general public.


Partnerships with Local Government/Policy Formation

The HIPS, as a nonprofit institution within the local community, actively identifies and sets directions and objectives for the government’s agenda.  By sharing with local authorities sociological perspectives and projections of social trends, the foundation, as one of the stakeholders of the local community, proactively influences policy formation.  In doing so, the foundation supports policy formation that anticipates, rather than merely responds to, new social challenges.